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Portfolio Category: Web Application

Omni Engineering Services Website

EncodingCorner (Pvt) Ltd had the privilege of developing a comprehensive WordPress website for Omni Engineering Service in Islamabad. The project involved creating a modern, user-friendly design that effectively showcases the company’s expertise and services. The website features a dynamic homepage with an engaging layout, highlighting key information and latest updates. The services section provides detailed descriptions of the wide range of engineering solutions offered by Omni Engineering Service, ensuring potential clients can easily find the information they need. The portfolio section is designed to display past projects with high-quality images and detailed descriptions, demonstrating the company’s extensive experience and successful track record.

In addition to these core sections, the website includes a well-structured ‘Contact Us’ page, making it easy for visitors to get in touch with the company. Integrated contact forms and Google Maps ensure seamless communication and easy location tracking. The website is fully responsive, ensuring optimal performance and user experience across all devices. By leveraging WordPress’s robust capabilities, EncodingCorner (Pvt) Ltd ensured the website is not only visually appealing but also easy to manage and update, providing Omni Engineering Service with a powerful tool to enhance their online presence and reach a broader audience.

Smart Property Manager

This application is a real estate management  & advertisement platform build for both landlords and tenants. A landlord can advertise their property after registering with the application.

A landlord can log in to their account to access the dashboard where they can create a new property, create an advertisement. They can also create a lease, condition report, view enquiries, add expense or maintenance bills, chat with tenants, add maintenance record, view and approve or reject tenancy applications. The landlord user can also edit their profile and view different documents like lease agreement and condition report. 

A tenant user can log in to sign their lease agreement, view and agree or disagree with condition report and sign it. The tenant can also make rental and bill payments and can chat with the landlord. The tenant can view property listings, favouritise them and apply for tenancy. They can also create and update their tenancy profile and view documents like lease agreement, condition report etc.

The landlord sets-up lease and sends to tenant which signs it and sends back to the landlord which signs and the lease agreement is generated and saved by system which both landlord and tenant can accesss in their repective dashboards in ‘My Documents’ section.

The landlord creates a condition report document current condition of different areas of a property and sends it to the tenant who agrees or disagrees with landlord statements and entries, signs the document and sends back to landlord. The landlord signs the document which is saved in the saved for later reference. Both landlord and tenant can access the document in their respective ‘My Document’ section.